Demand protection! [לך]

Demand protection! [alb]

Silence is not gold [mk]

Guide to psychological assistance and support to domestic violence victims [mk]

Analysis of the shelters [mk]

CIVICA MOBILITAS - Activities for analyzing and developing policies for improvement of the system of protection against domestic violence at the local level - 09.12.2010 גמ 09:40

Namely, in the municipality of Tetovo interviews were conducted with representatives from the Center for social work, police station, representative from the municipality of Tetovo and representative from civil society organization. In Kocani interviews were conducted with representative from the police station, Centre for Social work, the municipality of Kocani and representative of civil society organization.

The collected data were processed and on these bases, a summary of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the institutional response to domestic violence in the two municipalities (Kocani and Tetovo) was prepared.
















































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