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CIVICA MOBILITAS - First meeting of the working groups for preparation of local action plans - 19.07.2010 גמ 11:09

The working groups formed in both municipalities had an aim to develop local action plans for improving the reproductive health of the population in the respective municipalities, a process that will be facilitated by the ESE. Members of the working group are representatives of local government from both municipalities, primary health care clinics, the Centers for public health, general hospital - Kocani, clinical hospital - Tetovo, as well as representatives from local civil society organizations from the Municipality of Tetovo (Romano suno "and Women's Forum - Tetovo) and from the Municipality of Kocani ("Svetla Idnina" and "Evropsko Kocani").
The first meetings with the working groups were held in order to familiarize the participants with the objectives and methodology of work of the Working Group. One of the tasks of the working group is to prepare a situational analysis on the state of reproductive health of local population, as well as the situation with the availability and access to health services related to reproductive health
For this purpose, monitoring of the implementation of preventive programs of the Ministry of Health in both municipalities, and monitoring of the functioning of health facilities offering services in the areas of reproductive health will be done. Therefore, the participants in the working groups identified what information is needed to be obtained and from which institutions, in order to adequately prepare the situation analysis.
















































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