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CIVICA MOBILITAS Working meetings in municipalities of Tetovo and Kocani - 19.07.2010 11:09
Based on the established parameters, ESE prepared draft - questionnaires for relevant institutions. These questionnaires were subject to review and amendment of the second and third meeting of the working groups. The second and third working group meetings (implemented through a one-day workshop) were held on 31.05.2010 in Kocani, and on 01.06.2010 in the municipality of Tetovo. On these meetings, further activities aimed at gathering the available budget documents and identification of the persons conducting the necessary interviews were agreed.

Second and third meeting of the Working Group for implementation of the analysis of the institutional response towards domestic violence issues and preparation of local action plan for improvement of the system of protection against domestic violence in municipality of Tetovo

In the venues of the municipality of Tetovo on June 1, 2010, at 10:00 am the second and third meeting with representatives of the working group on domestic violence was held. The meeting was moderated by Marija Gelevska, coordinator of the womens human rights programme in ESE.

During the working meeting which began at 10:00 am, draft questionnaires for mapping the situation of relevant institutions at the local level were discussed and reviewed- the questionnaires were prepared for Centers for social work, Ministry for Interior, the public prosecutor and the courts. The members of the working meeting carefully reviewed these questionnaires and all comments were taken into account in order to be incorporated into its final version. Later on, these questionnaires will be used for interviewing relevant professionals from the abovementioned institutions, in order to get a detailed picture of the treatment and conditions in the field of domestic violence at the local level.
















































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