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CIVICA MOBILITAS Improvement of the system of protection of victims of domestic violence in municipality of Tetovo - 19.07.2010 11:08
The training was attended by municipal representatives, i.e. departments of finance and budget, social and health care, economic development, committee on Inter-Ethnic Relations, Commission for gender equality, while participants from civil society who attended the training were as follows: Womens Forum", "Romano suno" and "Zlatna raka". The training was attended by representatives of the relevant institutions who deal with cases of domestic violence, i.e. representatives of the Centre for social work-Tetovo, department of interim- Tetovo-Tetovo health centre and the public health JZU Center-Tetovo.
The training was delivered by ESEs associates. ESE invited judges from the Basic court in Tetovo, who presented their work and experience in the field of domestic violence.
















































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