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Prepared and published Guide for psychological help and support on victims of domestic violence and Analysis of the shelters - 19.07.2010 11:06
The analysis of the shelter is the first attempt to oversee the situation in terms of sheltering in our country from the perspective of those who offer -shelters and those who receive this care the sheltering victims. It offers general information about shelters, through which you can form a picture on the number and time of establishment of shelters, number of beds and number of sheltered victims, their organizational structure, and the available financial and human resources. The analysis also provides information and conclusions in relation to: access and procedure for shelter, protection and the effects of provided care and the opportunities for promotion from the perspective of employees in the shelters and inter-municipal centers for social work and from the perspective of the sheltered victims.
The preparation and publication of Guidelines for psychological help and support for the victims of domestic violence and analysis of shelters are part of the activities conducted within the project Prevention and elimination of domestic violence in Macedonia, of the Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women in Macedonia - ESE and Women against violence - Europe. This project is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of labor and social work of RM and was financially supported by the Government of the Republic of Austria, i.e. Ministry of Labor, social policy and protection of consumer rights in the Republic of Austria.


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